K. Micro Minerals

Our International

K Micro Minerals is a division of the KAMLESH MINERALS group looking after International business. K. Micro Minerals is fully equipped with dedicated, qualified, and experienced executives having proper knowledge and a complete understanding of international business. The need for a separate division was felt considering the different requirements of different customers in different countries.

Once the customer is identified, we provide complete technical information on our product along with the required samples. Upon approval of the sample on quality parameters or based on customer feedback, we make necessary changes if required in the technical parameters of the product and provide a larger sample for batch trials to the customer’s satisfaction and for a complete evaluation of the quality.

All international requirements are processed in our plants which are equipped with an external classifier having a magnetic separator and a vibratory sieve to trap any foreign contamination and control the quality followed by an auto weighing and bagging system at the outlet point. With this process of production, there is no possibility of foreign particles in our material. The process temperature is normally around 100 degrees which makes our material moisture free and free-flowing. The entire process is guided as per the norms of ISO certification. Based on the customer’s requirement, we can provide the material in customized packaging.

Today, the group has a large base of satisfied customers across the globe in almost all industries such as paint, rubber, cosmetics, ceramic, etc