Ceramic grade of TALC Powder is ideal for application in ceramics products such as Vitrified Tiles, bathroom fixtures, pottery and dinnerware. When used as filler in ceramics our TALC improves the firing characteristics and the strength of the finished product. The glazing and bodies of the ceramics rely on TALC to give their shine and shape.

Paint grade of Talc is a very bright white coloured TALC powder used as a major ingredient in paint and coatings industry. Our TALC powder has best opacity and better surface coverage area reducing TiO2 consumption. It helps control glosses, improves durability, prevents running and enhances smoothness. The platy shape of our TALC particles improves the suspension of solids and helps the liquid paint adhere to a wall without sagging.
Polymer grade is specially developed TALC powder for the Plastic & Polymer industry. This range of TALC gives great stability, creep resistance, defined shape and helps in the electrical insulation of plastics. Our Talc powder is best known for maintaining transparency and optimum loading in the filler.

Cosmetic grade of Talc powder is an excellent grade developed by us for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry. Talc Powder is processed by carefully selecting the right ore and avoiding the presence of asbestos and heavy metals. Our Unique process produces fine TALC with heavier bulk density to that meets stringent tight specifications. Cosmetic grade of TALC does wonders for the human body. It helps absorb wetness and odor produced by the human body quickly. Many companies use our TALC as a powder base in their cosmetic products. Its softness allows it to be applied and removed without causing skin abrasion.

Soap & Detergent grade is a wonderful Talc powder for detergents to reduce cost. This range of TALC Powder acts as a carrier for soap. It is harmless to our skin and is inert making it the ideal mineral to put in detergents as filler.

Others We have many other grades of TALC POWDER for different applications especially for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Paper, Rubber. We have well equipped R & D center to take care of our customers specific request. We can develop the right quality product by blending and right mix.